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10th Edition of the Lotus Beauty Carnival 2023

10th Edition of the Lotus Beauty Carnival 2023

A talk with stakeholders

Its been a decade of the Lotus Beauty Carnival (LBC) and the 10th edition took place in Istanbul and had two big highlights – the Awards and the launch of the New Line from LOTUS Professional.

Presented by Nitin Passi, Chairman and Managing Director, Lotus Herbals and Dipin Kamal Passi, Joint Managing Director, Lotus Herbals. The first prize, in the national awards category, was claimed by “Hair Café Unisex Salon, North Region”. The award for the first runner-up went to “WOMENS WORLD, South Region,” and the second runner-up award was conferred upon “INDULGE THE SALON, East Region.” Additionally, awards were also distributed to city winners, the best chain of salons, preferred partners, zonal budding stars, category winners, salons for technical excellence, and debutant stars from participating cities across the country.

The brand also unveiled the DermaSAGE – 360 Skin Renewal range- that comes with  active concentrates and includes the 5 Floral Acti-Bloom Complex of White Lily, White Orchid, White Peony, Frangipani & Edelweiss Flower extracts. It is complemented by a professional home care routine enriched with Copper Peptides and Plant Ceramides. It is said to be based on the cutting edge Green Science. Also introduced alongside the product line were tech tools like  the skin analysis tool DermaSCAN+ and a 3D Sculpting Facial Tool PROLIFT.

Beaute Espace brings exclusive insights from  Nitin Passi, MD, Lotus Herbals & Rajesh Arora, Founder, hair Cafe, the winners of the LBC Award

What was the goal behind the much-talked-about Lotus Beauty Carnival?
When we initially launched the Lotus Beauty Carnival over a decade ago, our objectives went beyond mere business intentions; we aimed to build a sense of community, strengthen industry connections, and showcase our products. However, over the past decade, it has ascended to a ‘cult status,’ captivating the beauty industry with its unparalleled spirit. The Lotus Beauty Carnival 2023 in Istanbul commemorated a decade of excellence in the beauty sector, introducing ground-breaking skincare innovations like the DermaSAGE – 360 Skin Renewal range. This event facilitated networking opportunities, honoured outstanding achievements, and celebrated the unifying force within the industry amidst Istanbul’s culturally rich backdrop, underscoring its pivotal role in shaping the beauty sector’s course.

What have you achieved in a decade through this recognition of the skincare segment of Indian salons? How many salons do you touch?
The company’s professional division, Lotus Professional, currently serves 200 cities through 300+ distributors with world-class technical products, education, and services, reaching 15,000+ beauty salons and spas, making it India’s leading professional skincare brand.

We want to continue to foster community building LBC year after year. We also intend to focus on being a consumer-driven brand with an innovative product pipeline and a robust connection with our associates. While these are business achievements, we intend to build a Brand beyond business pursuits where clean, green, ethical, eco-conscious beauty is not only a trend but a culture.

What’s special about DermaSage ?
This ground-breaking range, inspired by dermatology and enriched with botanicals, offers a comprehensive Facial Range with active concentrates and includes the 5 Floral Acti-Bloom Complex of White Lily, White Orchid, White Peony, Frangipani & Edelweiss Flower extracts. It is complemented by a professional home care routine enriched with Copper Peptides and Plant Ceramides. The DermaSAGE range proudly carries the endorsement of Green Science Beauty Experts, assuring a formulation that is cutting-edge, trending, and highly efficacious. What sets it apart is the integration of advanced beauty tech through the DermaSCAN+ tool, embracing the tech-driven beauty trend. The facial treatment also features a Unique ‘AquaFlow’ massage technique for intense hydration and a 3D Facial Sculpting Tool ProLIFT.

In the back-bar or cabin treatment, there is one Facial Kit along with 5 customizable Concentrates in this professional range. For home-care/after-care we have 4 SKU’s ranging from face wash, serum, day gel crème, and night crème. For more details, please refer to the attached product document. 

Where do you see your aesthetic business going in the next few years?
For the professional division, our goals are very clear. We intend to expand our reach to 35,000 salons and spa doors within the next financial year focussing on market penetration in Tier II & III cities so that we cater to the heart of India. Lotus Professional has marked its debut in the Middle East & GCC countries catering to crème de la crème Salons. Our global ambitions in 2023-24 shall revolve around reaching out to more than 32 countries through our global business associates. 

We have already launched India’s largest Beauticians Club -“I’M LP Club” which has enrolled 35,000+ beauticians. We have already launched an exclusive app for this club which is revolutionary and aims to cater to 1 lakh+ beauticians within the next 2 years. The club connects and nurtures a community of skincare professionals. The objective of this close-knit community is to help our partners and beauticians learn, grow, and achieve success.

Aesthetics Business & Hair Cafe

Tete-a-tete with Rajesh Arora, Founder, Hair Cafe & Winner of Lotus Beauty Carnival Award for Aesthetics Business for 2023

How important is skincare business for you?
The importance of a skincare business is of paramount importance. We have to provide the best skin care to everyone and when it comes to our customers we always suggest them to go for best quality like Lotus brand. Skincare business is a significant and growing industry. In essence, skincare services are not only a source of revenue but a core component of our mission, helping our clients look and feel their best while sustaining our salon’s success.

How have you seen it change in the last few years?
Yes, Industry has massively changed. Foremost reason is Covid-19 and shift in choice of consumer. Firstly, COVID-19 has impacted in the increased emphasis on the relationship between health and beauty. More and more individuals are recognizing that skincare is not just about looking good; it’s an essential component of overall well-being.

Secondly, the advent of the internet has expanded the market size and accessibility of information. Consumers are now better informed and are seeking organic and effective skincare solutions. Currently, the self-care and wellness trend has propelled the skincare sector, as people are actively seeking products and services to enhance both their skin’s health and its appearance.

Additionally, the demand for personalized skincare options has created opportunities for niche businesses, allowing for more tailored solutions. Finally, the skincare industry makes a significant contribution to the economy by creating jobs, generating revenue, and supporting related sectors. In conclusion, these changes underscore the importance of adapting to evolving customer preferences and the shifting landscape of the beauty industry.

How do you feel about the award you have received at the Lotus Beauty Carnival? How does it help?
It represents recognition of our accomplishments, talents, or contributions. This recognition validates the hard work and dedication being put by Team HairCafe. It boosts our self-esteem and confidence. Receiving the LBC 2023 Award is a powerful motivator for our entire team.

LBC Award also enhances Hair Cafe Salon’s professional reputation and open doors to new opportunities, such as promotions, job offers, or collaborations, as they showcase Hair Cafe’s expertise and achievements. The award has added credibility to my salon. They serve as a validation that can be used to build trust with clients.

The best part is to interact with all participants at LBC 2023 after receiving National Winner title from North. The opportunity facilitated with immense gratitude and prosper deep relation with HairCafe Salon

Where do you see your aesthetic business in salon going in the next few years?
We’re excited about our journey ahead! In the next few years, our salon envisions a more tech-savvy and sustainable approach. We’ll focus on personalization, enhancing customer’s experience. Wellness and advanced beauty tech will be at your service, all while prioritizing your health and safety. We’re here to grow with our customers.

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