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5 Ready-to-Drink Beverages to Help Boost your Immunity

5 Ready-to-Drink Beverages to Help Boost your Immunity

As the world is dealing with an unprecedented crisis, people are becoming even more conscious of what they indulge in their day to day routine. Immunity boosting is the topmost priority now and staying hydrated is the easiest way to boost the immune system.

As we go further into the unlock phase, building your body’s natural defence system is crucial at this time and beverages can play a key role in maintaining immune health. Electrolyte and nutrient water advances a solid way of life, builds up a safe framework, stimulates, and helps in countering pressure. Also, vitamin-enriched drinks and waters have taken the lion’s share of new growth in the beverage sector, helped by the recent rulings against the use of sugar in drinks.

Making lifestyle changes is one of the best ways to enhance your immunity. Here is a list of few enriching beverages to add to your immunity toolbox:

Evocus H2O
Enriched with 70+ minerals, Evocus H2O is new-age black alkaline water by AV Organics. The product is 100% natural and helps with sustained hydration, better detoxification, reduced acidity, improved metabolism, heightened alertness and balanced pH levels in the body. It gets sourced from the earth’s rich crust and derives its bold black colour from the goodness and purity of nature’s rare minerals. Evocus H2O costs Rs. 100 and Rs 150 for a 500 ML Pet Bottle and 330 ML Glass Bottle respectively. It is available on Amazon, Paytm Mall and Snapdeal. You could also opt for the Monthly Health Signature Plan of your choice at

Auric Body Defence
Auric Body Defense is pressed with the integrity of Ayurvedic Superherbs. It constructs Resilience and Strengthens Immunity. At the point when the Body is Strong – it permits certainty, power, and enthusiasm. The brand has a wide range of blends for specific functions.

Rich in ingredients like Haldi, moringa, amla, ashwagandha this product is one stop for your wellness. These are 100% natural drinks with the goodness of Ayurveda to look after your mind, body, skin, hair, and weight. Shop online on their official website or on Amazon. Auric is priced at INR 720 for 250 ml (Pack of 12)

Alkalen Enhanced Water
Alkalen is a premium improved basic water, redesigned with pH 9.5, electrolytes, and minerals. It gives all the more enduring arrangement, for your body to adjust to a sound and dynamic way of life, by basically drinking alkaline water.

The presence of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium in Alkalen Enhanced Water leads to detox, better metabolism, acidity regulation, energy boost, and stronger bones.

It is seven-phase handled which is improved with minerals having antioxidant properties. It has a timeframe of realistic usability of a year. The presence of quickens hydration and helps to stimulate your body. Shop online on Amazon and Flipkart. Alkalen is priced at INR 840 for 500 ml (Pack of 24)

Malaki Alkaline Water
Malaki Alkaline Water is considered one of the healthiest water by doctors and nutritionists around the world. Malaki Alkaline Water is light water known for its basic advantages with Ph level of up to 9.5

It is hostile to maturing, against aftereffect, and super hydrating. With the richness of Zinc and Copper, it keeps your energy levels high throughout the day. It contains micro-clusters of water molecules which makes it light and effective. Priced at INR 60 for 500 ml, you can shop online on Amazon.

Shunya Drinks
Shunya is a herbal infused drink with zero calories, zero sugar, zero preservatives. Its enriched with 50% recommended daily allowance of vitamins like vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B7, vitamin B12, and vitamin C.The drink rejuvenates mental performance with Brahmi, reduces tiredness with khus and monitors weight with kokum. With a variety of flavours like orange, apple, and mixed fruit its a healthy treat for your taste buds. Priced at INR 900 for 400 ml, one can shop online on their official website or on Amazon and BigBasket.




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