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Embracing AI in Salons – L’Oréal Professionnel Proposes Enabling Tech Tools

Embracing AI in Salons – L’Oréal Professionnel Proposes Enabling Tech Tools

L’Oréal Professionnel unfurled it’s cutting edge AI based tools through a hi-tech futuristic display at a brand activation that happened in association with Looks Salons at Pacific Mall, NSP, Pitampura, New Delhi recently.

On display were tools for ’Color Consultation & Diagnosis’ with iNOA iD app & the new Virtual Try On feature: that allows the customer to not just imagine their hair color makeover, but also visualize and ‘virtually sample’ it with the all-new AI-powered iNOA iD app. Different hair color looks can be tried on, ones created for Indian skin tones with personalized color consultations and a professional diagnosis using the latest in Virtual Try-On (VTO) technology.

‘Rendezvous with Future You’ Avatar Creation’ was an additional activity to make the customer enter the metaverse as they created their own Avatar in a digital space.

Besides, the touch screen kiosks took one through the step by step to tech-powered world of hair and scalp diagnosis and care. In the end enabling and personalizing recommendations, tailored to meet specific scalp & hair care needs.

Mathilde Vigier Barthelemy, General Manager,  L’Oréal Professional in India, said “We have been training and educating the hairdressing community for over 25 years in India but with this we are also educating the consumer and empowering them too. When you know better, you do better, when you do better everything falls into place. So that’s the power of AI”.

She further added “We believe at L’Oréal Professionnel that you have to embrace technology as it opens infinite possibilities. AI generated images help you try on colours before you jump into it. Getting hair coloured is a big change so the tool helps the woman figure out if a certain colour will look good on her
We have created iit in great detail by using real life images and recipes that we have embedded in AI to enable people to try them.

Moreover, AI when applied to diagnosing – helps to provide the perfect inputs taking into consideration the scalp condition, the fibre condition, the level of pollution in you city – to create the right solution for your hair & scalp “.

On the ease of access Mathilde further informs “The Virtual Try On is available for download by hairdressers. If not a consumer can ask your hairdresser in a L’Oréal salon to download. It has to be a Loreal salon as they are trained and have the know how of mixing colours apart from understanding the tool.

The scalp diagnostic tool will also available starting November across L’Oréal salons”. While VR and AI are increasingly becoming realities in the world of beauty, one does wonder about its rate of adoption in Indian salons.

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