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Guy Kremer: 45 years in Hairdressing & Counting…

Guy Kremer: 45 years in Hairdressing & Counting…

Guy Kremer is an international hairdressing legend who barely needs an introduction. At 67, the inspiring artist is going strong and looking forward to doing more and doing better. He says it is impossible to retire as he loves his craft so much — a passion and dedication evident in his enthusiasm to share knowledge with the younger generation.

Guy recently visited India for the LA FRENCH Look & Learn workshops by L’Oréal Professionnel, in Mumbai and Delhi. In conversation with Beauty Launchpad, the iconic artist shared his love for India, the evolution of Indian hairdressing, his plans to make a comeback with his product line and more.

Could you tell us more about your La French Look & Learn workshop?
The workshop was all about the L’Oréal Professionnel’s LA FRENCH colour contouring, emphasizing the jawline and face by using different tones, etc. We also worked with tone-on-tone for shine and subtle balayage for a flattering look. We tried to portray femininity through these styles, where the hair strands were natural and emphasized the beauty of a woman.

You have conducted several workshops and masterclasses across the globe — what is your take on the educational standards in India?
In Europe, we don’t conduct such big masterclasses — it’s a maximum of 12 people, as we work in the mornings and teach in the afternoon. The LA FRENCH workshop here has brought together at least 500 people in a day and that helps us in interacting a lot more. Back home, it’s limited to two or three models and here we did 12! It’s exciting to see all these hairdressers enjoying the masterclass and eager to learn — this happens only in India and America. In Europe, we rarely get to make so many people happy on a single day.

What’s your take on the evolution of Indian hairdressing?
I have been coming to India for the last 20 years and I have been quite impressed by the talent here as well as the Indian artists I have met in Paris. Indian hairdressing has certainly stepped up and advanced well over the years — they are not lagging behind the global standards anymore.

Indian hairdressers have been tremendously involved in colours. As for cutting, Indian women still love long hairstyling the most. Hairdressers can now help Indian women embrace the shorter hairstyles too and assure that they still look feminine.

It’s been 45 years in hairdressing — what drives you?
45 years! It’s been a long time and sometimes I feel like I should stop – but, then I remember that I just love it! Especially, after a show like this when I think what I do is wonderful. So, that’s what drives me. And the people of course — I have to get photos taken with everyone. I am 67 and I should be retiring — but how can I, when I enjoy it so much.

What is your advice on retaining celebrity clients?
Just treat them like any ordinary client — like I did for Sameera Reddy. I visited her home and she cooked for us — it’s natural like that; they don’t want to be treated differently. Being famous can be exhausting — everyone wants a picture with you and you are always surrounded; they can’t even come out of their room without being escorted. So, I think it’s nice to treat them like an ordinary person and take all the extra attention away for a while.

In terms of products, when can we expect a line from you?
I already had my line of products, but the people who were manufacturing it had to withdraw from the business. Now, maybe I’ll re-launch it. I am like an old pop star — when you think I am about to retire, I suddenly come out with something new. I did withdraw from the limelight for a few years because you think you have done it all and then you start missing it. It’s time to start again and I am open to new ideas.

Read the full story in Beauty Launchpad March 2020 issue. 

Photos: Instagram/guykremersalon

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