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MedLinks Aesthetics Launches Microneedling Device Dermapen 4

MedLinks Aesthetics Launches Microneedling Device Dermapen 4

MedLinks Aesthetics, a brand offering aesthetic dermatology and hair transplant services in India, has launched the latest micro-needling device – Dermapen4 at their facility in New Delhi. The new device claims an exclusive system specially designed for the revision of deep and atrophic scars, surgical scars, burn contractures, stretch marks and post-acne scars. Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi – MD Director, Consultant Dermatologist and Specialist Hair Transplant Surgeon at MedLinks along with Dr Andrew R Christie – Clinical Director and Global Medical Trainer, Equipment Aesthetics/Dermapenworld, Sydney (Australia), were present at the event. A live demonstration of skin rejuvenation and facelift using the Dermapen 4 – said to be the “World’s first digital and Bluetooth MicroNeedling device” – was also conducted on the occasion.

Speaking about the new launch, Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi said, “Dermapen 4’s revolutionary design and innovative applications have transformed the dermo-aesthetic sector. MedLinks is delighted to have the advanced technology at our clinic, as delivering quality treatment efficiently to our patients is our top priority.”

Dr Andrew R Christie adds, “It was my honour to launch Dermapen 4 and present Aesthetic Dermatological Masterclass for the latest automated micro-needling technology with Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi exclusively at MedLinks.”

Dermapen 4 promises high precision, speed, accuracy, and safety. It is said to effectively solve a variety of skin issues including post-acne scars, burn contracture, stretch marks, and surgical scars. Its 16-needle cartridge combined with AOVN Direct Digital Drive capabilities promises to minimise pores, improve skin elasticity, and reveal youthful-looking skin within a short period of time, with no side effects or downtime.

Dermapen technology is said to have significant benefits over dermal-rolling and Fractional laser treatment due to minimal trauma inflicted upon the skin. This allows your skin to spend more efforts fighting the ailment itself, rather than collateral damage inflicted caused by the procedure. Microneedling services through Dermapen 4 are available at all MedLinks aesthetics branches.

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