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MyGlamm launches India’s largest beauty experiential store in Mumbai

MyGlamm launches India’s largest beauty experiential store in Mumbai

Pathbreaking Initiative by MyGlamm

India’s leading color cosmetic brand MyGlamm, contrary to the present day wisdom of scaling down on brick and mortar, recently launched a 3000 sq ft flagship store designed & brought to life by School House, a leading beauty creative agency in New York City. Taking the phygital to a different level,  The MyGlamm beauty experiential store blurs the lines between the physical and digital retail by offering consumers spaces for private, autonomous physical experiences with publicly shareable community and co-creation digital experiences. The MyGlamm store is designed to empower the next generation of beauty creators, makeup artists and tastemakers to celebrate personal expression and communal creativity.

The space is designed as a ‘contrarian view’ and redefinition of physical retail in a post-Covid world, bringing several first of its kind elements that are socially distant, privately experiential & digitally communal, redefining new world policies and physical retail. The store features many exciting spaces:

  • MyGlammXO Secret Lab: In line with MyGlamm’s co-creation philosophy, the store features a secret lab for MyGlammXO Insiders (members of MyGlamm’s loyalty programme). It is fitted out with a future innovation feedback wall where consumers can test digitally crowd-sourced formulations physically and then relay their feedback back into the digital space to further product co-creation.
  • MyGlammXO Beauty Creator Booths – The entire store is designed, keeping in mind our consumer’s love for creating content. MyGlamm has created private content creation booths equipped with the latest technology, including adjustable light settings. The beautifully crafted space empowers MyGlammXO Beauty Creators (MyGlamm’s influencer community) and guests to go live, share looks with their friends and audiences thus enabling the growth of their social footprint while practicing social distancing.
  • The Glamm Zone: Artists and creators can experience one-on-one consultations with MyGlamm beauty experts and technicians. The Glamm Zone is a visual experience room where consumers can test their looks in a variety of light settings within a highly shareable context.
  • The Glamm Stage: Equipped with public broadcast capabilities, the Glamm Stage will host product education and artistry workshops in store with thousands of MyGlammXO Insiders and Beauty Creators digitally across India. These workshops will be conducted in partnership with Bollywood’s most prominent makeup artists.
  • The Glamm Lounge: Dotted throughout the store are lounge areas, welcoming consumers to come and spend time at the store. Self-guided beauty tutorial stands, complete with virtual try-on Apps, are available for creating curated seasonal looks and discovering recommended products virtually, for the safety of consumers.

The MyGlamm team has put in place an extensive safety protocol which is critical for opening a store in these times.

“ We have created an experience that brings together co-creation and shared artistry between brand and consumer to disrupt the conventional trial-first concepts for beauty with a flagship that redefines beauty retail’s role for physically socially distant yet digitally socially communal consumers. If our consumer has decided to step out of the house, we endeavor to make it worth her while”, says Darpan Sanghvi, Founder & CEO, MyGlamm.

“The MyGlamm retail proposition is a connection of curation, creation, sharing experiences and digitally communal spaces designed with beauty and you in mind,” adds Christopher Skinner, Founder and Principal of School House.




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