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New Horizons for Ekta Cosmetics

New Horizons for Ekta Cosmetics

Ekta Cosmetics Limited (ECL) was founded by Ravi Mittal with a vision to make the company a force to be reckoned with in the beauty and cosmetics industry, by bringing the most prestigious brands and world-class training to India. With a repertoire of global beauty and skincare brands, including Make-Up Studio, Skeyndor, Tas Merah, Depileve, and Jeannot Ceuticals, Ekta Cosmetics is constantly working towards skill development, by conducting seminars and training sessions across the country.

With state-of-the-art training facilities in New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur & Jalandhar, Ekta Cosmetics hosts leading national and international trainers to provide extensive training to Indian industry professionals. In an exclusive conversation with Beauty Launchpad India, Ravi Mittal – Managing Director at Ekta Cosmetics, reveals the company’s plans for the Indian market.

What are your plans for the brand – since it comes from Skeyndor’s table – how will you differentiate between the two?
Jeannot Ceuticals is a mass premium skincare brand, launched for the Indian customers. It is marketed for consumers who want premium products at affordable prices. We have launched the product at salons that offer facials at INR2,000 to INR2,500. Since Jeannot comes from Skeyndor, it gives us the confidence that we can bring the latest technology and innovative ingredients to deliver quality results.

How do you plan to market Jeannot Ceuticals – who’s your TG?
We plan to follow the distribution network channel. We are launching the brand in metro and non-metro cities. Customers in non-metro cities, who did not have access to quality products can now avail these services in their cities.

What is the USP of the new launch and salon footprint for Jeannot Ceuticals? What is it for Skeyndor currently?
All Jeannot Ceuticals products are made from plant extracts using a scientific edge. It is free from skin clogging agents like sulphate, mineral oils and parabens. All products are clinically tested and do not contain any animal derivatives. Every product contains skin lightening and brightening ingredients. All the latest technologies like liposome technology and stem cell technology with innovative ingredients are available at a very affordable price.

As every salon has its client base, it can offer the Jeannot Ceuticals’ services to them and can also expand their client base by offering better results. We can help them generate more business by building client loyalty. We plan to reach out to all the B+ and B category salons in the country. Skeyndor is available at A+ and A category salons.

What lines have been launched? Is Men’s Skincare a category you are looking at?
We have launched four professional lines, Instant Glow for Skin Brightening, Infinite Youth for Anti-Aging, Brilliance White for Skin Whitening and Hydra Boost for dry, dehydrated skin. All the lines are unisex and can be used for men’s skin. Since, the men’s skincare market is ever demanding and growing, we are looking at launching a special range for men’s skin in the future.

What are the plans for Make-Up Studio?
Make-Up Studio is our professional brand that is present all across the country. The brand is doing well in the market because of the quality and presentation of the products. To raise the bar, we are keeping it intact for the salons/ professional industry. For expansion, we have tied-up with academies, salon chains, and renowned make-up artists. Providing education is our focus and we are continuously working to enhance the skills of trainers and artists.

What’s happening on the training front?
We are focused on improving the education level of beauty therapists, and hence we conduct various levels of training programs for them. We have a pan-India team of trainers, who are conducting in-salon training for therapists. We have a training academy in Delhi and some salon owners and therapists have got trained in our academy. We also do national and international level training. International trainers come to India and conduct training for salon owners. Many Salon owners have also travelled with us to Spain and had training there.

Tell us more about Depileve? Do you think waxing as a category is stagnant? How do you plan to make it attractive for the salon & the customer?
Depileve is the no. 1 professional waxing brand from Spain. It’s a low temperature, lipo-soluble wax and offers many variants of strip waxes (Tin as well as Cartridge) and film waxes – which are virtually painless, hygienic and economical. Depileve also offers many pre & post-epilation essentials and accessories that make the salon professional. Waxing is the most profitable service in the salons and nowadays, people have moved to luxury waxing systems, which makes the process virtually painless. We have been training the therapists on the concept of speed waxing and have been conducting Depileve Day in many salons to increase awareness about the brand.

In the next 5 years, how does Ekta Cosmetics see itself? What would you like to be known for?
Our goal as an organization is to be the leading light of the industry. We always work with ethics and are already known for it. We value education, eternity and quality.

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