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Replenish dull skin with Cheryl’s OxyBlast

Replenish dull skin with Cheryl’s OxyBlast

Breakthrough OxyBlast facial that gives radiance to dull and lifeless skin.

A girl’s beauty can be defined by her sharp features but nothing enhances it more than a luminous and a radiant looking skin. Indians are constantly opting for skin lightening treatments to achieve a bright, radiant look on their face. However, they are unaware of the difference between skin lightening and brightening. Skin lightening treatments help in reducing the level of melanin that causes pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Whereas, brightness is increasing the radiance and glow by stimulating collagen production and restoring vibrancy to the skin. Regardless of the skin tone, our skin will only look radiant when it is smooth enough to reflect light. This radiance in the skin, illuminates a clear glowing complexion that exhibits youthfulness and is devoid of dryness or blemishes.

As we start aging, there is a breakdown of collagen and elastin components that causes the dead skin cells to pile up, oxygen levels in the skin to decrease making our skin look dull. This also causes a loss of skin elasticity and ultimately leads to the formation of lines and wrinkles. Other factors like stressful lifestyles, lack of nutritional diet, pollution and harmful sun rays also make our skin thin and more fragile. While all these factors are a part and parcel of our lives, you can prevent such aberrations from further damaging your skin by regaining your skin’s lost vibrancy.

Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals, the pioneer in the professional skincare, presents a targeted treatment for restoring your skin’s lustre with Cheryl’s OxyBlast Facial. This facial replenishes lost oxygen and visibly fills up the lines and wrinkles by stimulating cell regeneration. Based on the latest technology, the facial delivers oxygen deep into the skin, which leads to a healthier, supple & hydrated polished skin. Specifically formulated with actives like oxygenating complex and Vitamin A and E, this facial enhances radiance and luminosity with a burst of fresh oxygen on the epidermis. Imparting life to dull and dry skin, OxyBlast facials not only lightens and hydrates the skin, but also reverses the damage caused by the environmental factors, making it the perfect facial for dull and damaged skin.

Cheryl’s OxyBlast facial is a breakthrough 7-step process which is crafted and targeted towards long lasting comprehensive results. It starts by using a cleansing gel that helps in reviving the lost Vitamin C and E from the skin. This is followed by deep cleansing using a peel and toning using a skin oxygenator that helps in rebalancing pH in the skin. Once the skin is hydrated, an innovative Oxygen Serum that contains pure oxygen, is used to activate the skin’s cellular metabolism and enhance glow. Post this step, a deep penetrating mask, which is covered with a cling wrap, is applied. This step helps in the deeper penetration of the Oxygen serum and ensures skin stabilization and an increase in blood circulation. The facial ends with a massage using an energizing cream which is followed by radiance mask that is enriched with Aloe Vera and Canadian Willow Herb to lighten skin. This facial is specially designed for dull and tired skin with an effect that lasts for minimum 20 days.

To maintain the results of the professional treatment, continue with proper care at home with Cheryl’s O2C2 Radiance Lotion. It is a multi-benefit product that gives radiance all day long. It reduces the signs of aging & acts as a repair product to protect the damages from the environmental pollution.

Talking about the efficiency of this service, Gunjan Jain, National Education Manager, Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals, commented, “Cheryl’s OxyBlast is an Oxygen Energizing Radiance Facial that gives instant radiance and glow. This is one of our unique facial services that infuses oxygen with the help of a deep penetrating mask that is covered with a cling wrap to help oxygenate the deep tissues of the skin. The infused oxygen in this facial, boosts cellular functioning and helps revitalize mature and dull skin, making it lighter and radiant. We recommend this facial to clients with dull and tired skin that lack nourishment. “

Regenerate your skin’s radiance instantly by availing the OxyBlast Oxygen Energizing Facial at your nearest Cheryl’s salon.

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