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Dabur Rolls out Special Limited Edition Ayodhya Packs
Indian FMCG  Dabur India Limited  launched Special Edition Ayodhya packs of its leading brands Dabur Red Paste and Dabur Amla Hair Oil syncing with the inauguration of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, regarded as the birth place of Ram, the leading male deity in the hindu pantheon. The special packs will be available in select markets of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh for two months.

We are delighted to introduce the limited-edition Ayodhya packs for Dabur Red Paste and Dabur Amla Hair Oil. It is indeed an honour for us to be a part of this historic and sacred event as these packs celebrate a crucial moment in our history, the Ram Mandir consecration. They have been launched as a token of our respect for our cultural heritage and traditions,” Dabur India Limited Executive Vice President-Marketing Mr. Abhishek Jugran said.

The packs feature a replica of the Ram Mandir on the front panel.

ILEM JAPAN launches Macha Wellness Tea 
Beauty Startup ILEM JAPAN has added to its beauty and wellness portfolio a Macha Tea that is said to ‘bring the finest 60-mesh textured premium Matcha tea to your cup straight from the serene lands of Kagoshima Prefecture. ‘ 

It has  reduced astringency and intensified sweetness hence it has distinct taste, aroma, and wellness benefits, possible as a result of  precise cultivation, and processing techniques. Macha is a Japanese Green tea that is refreshing and healing in quality. 

It’s recommended as a  rejuvenating morning ritual aimed at fostering inner balance and vitality . 

Shared Ishvani Patel, Founder of ILEM JAPAN “Matcha is seen as a symbol of appreciation for simplicity, purity, beauty, and the present moment. And so a feel-good cup of Matcha, whether brewed hot in the traditional manner or cold in form of latte, smoothies, and iced tea, helps you stay focused and alert without the usual jitters,” . “The abundance of antioxidants in this tea help your body clean and feel better, setting the tone for the day to come.

Price: INR 1650

Hyatt Pune Enhances Wellness Offer at Arogya Spa 
Arogya Spa at Hyatt Pune has added Udwarthanam Scrub to its menu recently. This  treatment utilizes the antioxidant-rich and exfoliating properties of spices, that is said to come with  health benefits such as weight loss, immunity boost, and protection against free radicals.

It involves  a 30-minute spice scrub followed by a 60-minute full-body massage, enhancing overall wellness.

Contact Arogya Spa at 9158893812

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