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The Haircutting Course

The Haircutting Course

The Course that works so well for the Indian Hairdressing student.

We thought of this 8 week haircutting course While we were doing the longer hairdressing course a few yrs ago. We realised that the need for a shorter course was necessary as there was a segment of students who needed a shorter course with a lesser fee. Natasha and I came up with this 8 week haircutting course after much thought. It worked well and many students today have profitable jobs in various salons. There are so many young people in our country who require jobs and teaching them various skills was the Necessity of the day. This course gives them the right knowledge and practical skill required to become a stylist. It also gives an opportunity to middle/lower income students to attain a career in the hair industry. What is wonderful also is that barbers and assistants upgrade their careers.

There are so many young people who have not completed their school due to circumstances and need to be guided to various skillIs and there are so many choices today. Hair and beauty n Spa is just one of them.

As a woman who has gained so much fulfilment I do believe we can help other women improve their lives and the lives of their children, thus creating future educated families that well. I have stories of innumerable women who started as helpers, grew to be assistants and so many became stylists and incredibly some are salon owners today. I do wish other salon owners to encourage assistants and barbers and teach them this haircutting course which will not only benefit them but their salons as well.

— By Nalini & Natasha Neagamvala

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