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The ultimate skincare guide to Glow this festive season

The ultimate skincare guide to Glow this festive season

Interview with Gunjan Jain, National Educational Manager, Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals

What is the difference between Skin Brightening and lightening?

Skin Brightening relates to the glow of the skin. It is the reflection of light from the skin or natural shine on the skin. Whereas, skin lightening relates to the practice of lightening the skin tone or providing an even skin complexion by reducing the amount of melanin in the skin.

What are the skincare tips to follow this festive season?

A healthy skin care involves a regular regimen that is followed religiously. It must involve a healthy diet consisting of a balance proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Anti-Oxidants and Vitamin C in the form of fruits also help in providing nourishment to your skin.

Other healthy habits like drinking Water and the Coconut water, help impart glow in the skin as it boosts overall skin health and keeps the skin hydrated, healthy, and plump Availing professional facials by qualified skincare experts can help boost circulation for dull and tired skin. Crafted with a special blend of three natural ingredients – Orange extracts, Vitamin C and Papain Enzymes, GloVite Facial Treatment provides instant fairness by eliminating dull, dry and flaky skin to reveal fresh, smooth and youthful skin. This specialized facial reduces existing melanin on the upper layers of the epidermis and effectively increases fairness, adding a luminous glow to your face.

What are the key ingredients that are used in GloVite facial and how do they help reduce darkening?

There are many effective ingredients in this facial, let’s talk about the active ingredients such as Proteolytic Enzymes which exfoliates skin by removing all dead skin from the superficial layer of the skin. It has Almond Oil which is high in protein and helps in energizing & nourishing the skin. It also contains Orange Herbal Complex with vitamins C that smoothens, tightens and lightens skin.

Is this facial suitable for all skin types?

The Cheryl’s GloVite Instant Fairness Facial Treatment is suitable for all skin types except sensitive and acne prone skin. For Sensitive skin we have specialize service called ‘SensiGlow Facial’ and for acne’ we have the SensiAcne Treatment. Cheryl’s strongly believes in diagnosis led recommendation. Experts at Cheryl’s always provide a targeted diagnosis and check client’s skin before suggesting a suitable treatment. Here the knowledge of the beautician plays an integral role as they educate the clients about their own skin type and its needs.

Can you elaborate on the steps during this facial?

There are five steps in this facial. Powered with a blend of active ingredients, this facial instantly reduces melanin on the upper layers of the epidermis. It starts with Cleansing that helps in removing oil, dirt and makeup from the skin. This is followed by deep cleaning to remove dead skin cells with the help of natural enzymes from superficial layer. The next step is toning to constrict skin pores and maintain the pH balance and hydration level which diminishes during the exfoliation process. We also recommend our clients to add skin lightening ampoules for better results. Our experts then massage the clients skin using an energising cream. This step relaxes facial muscles, improves blood circulation and nourishes skin imparting glow. Cheryl’s uses scientific massage technique, as it is important to follow correct massage technique for skin rejuvenation. Finally, a mask is applied that contains Vitamin C which helps to lighten and tighten the skin, leaving a fresh appearance on the skin.

Which home care products do you recommend your clients post this facial?

We always recommend our clients to follow a complete home care regime that keeps the skin healthy and nourished throughout the day. We suggest our clients to start with cleansing using the Cheryl’s DermaLite Face Wash that has a moisturizing and lightening effect which improves skin moisture barrier. This step must be followed with a moisturizer using the Cheryl’s HydraMoist Moisturizer which is known to be easily absorbed by the skin and gives it a soft, velvety feel. Post this, we ask our clients step out of the house using the DermaShade Sunblock that has a photo stable formula that provides the highest protection against UV induced burning and ageing. In the night we recommend our clients to use the O2C2 Radiance Lotion for skin repair. This lotion is formulated to draw out and enhance the natural radiance and shine of the skin that is more associated with young, youthful and glowing skin.

Gunjan Jain (National Education Manager, Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals)

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