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Resham Mordani – Young & Raring to Go!

Resham Mordani – Young & Raring to Go!

At 26, Resham Mordani is a Senior Stylist at Juice Salon, Mumbai- with limitless talent and a sorted, balanced outlook she shares her inspiration, aspirations and more. Here’s how the young & talented Resham Mordani keeps her creative juices flowing!!

How did you start? Please share your journey in education?
I’ve been a part of the industry since the last 7 years. Being a curious person has done a great deal of good for me. With a growing desire to learn, I eventually enrolled in a professional hair academy in India. It absolutely thrills me that this profession allows me to personally make a difference to another person just by the mere discovery of a new technique or by mastering a new skill whilst treating every service like the first. I wanted to still learn more and explore every aspect of this profession, for which I joined the Tulay’s Hair Design, The Netherlands.

You have been a Bollywood and editorial stylist – what excited you more?
Bollywood and editorial styling have been equally fulfilling and are equally challenging in their own ways. However, as a person with a creative bent of mind, I have found editorial styling allows more room for me to express myself.

How does Juice help you evolve as a stylist?
‘Juice’ is a luxury line of Salons, which has provided me with a platform to work for top-notch clients including Bollywood celebrities. For me, professional development isn’t only about climbing the corporate ladder or earning more money. It is also about avoiding stagnation in my career and honing my skills, which I feel is completely fulfilled by Juice Salons.

As a stylist, what’s your advice to your clients? Is following the trends the best thing to do?
Going by my experience, experimenting is the key to learning and it is through this you create new styles, trends follow after. Styling is personal to everybody, so it’s only important that you look & wear your true personality; it’s what ultimately makes the positive difference we seek within our style.

And your advice to other youngsters just entering the trade?
Innovate! Create! Experiment! Push yourself until you find your own method, keep at it until it turns into a trend rather than hustle with the already set trends, as tempting as it could be! This is where I’ve found dedication is the key.

Do you see yourself as a salon owner at any point?
Yes, I stay inspired by visions of my own salon in the next 10 years or less. Being a hairstylist and a business woman together definitely are two individual challenges I’d love to take up simultaneously.

Any celebrity clients you would like to name?
I have been lucky enough to get the opportunity of working with many celebrity clients like Madam Anuradha Paudwal ji, Sherlyn Chopra, Tanisha Mukherjee, Manasi Salvi and Anisa Butt.

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